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My teaching philosophy includes four steps:

1. I want students to have a solid theoretical foundation of commonly used and relevant microeconomic and econometric concepts

2. I want my students to know how to obtain and interpret results for a real world analysis. This includes selection of the correct statistical software to use and knowledge of its limitations, knowing what data is required to answer the question at hand, how to upload and clean data such that it is ready for analysis, how to write code for different relevant statistical models, and how to interpret model outputs

3. I teach how to push past results. I want my students to be able to speak to the policy and economic implications of their results, including how and why those implications change if we alter our study context or sample.

4. My students learn how to present their findings via both writing and speaking

Classes I've taught in or been teaching assistant for:

Monitoring and Evaluation (2023)

Principles of Economics and the Environment (2023)

Environmental Development (2023)

Economics of the Public Sector (2022)

Environment and Development (2021)

In addition to classes, I have also led 6 data collection enumerator trainings in East and Southern Africa. Non-academically, I'm also an SAT/ACT/AP Calculus tutor, a yoga instructor, and a Pilates instructor. 

Here is a link to a lecture I gave for Economics of the Public Sector. 

Teaching Reviews

"Maya’s office hours/discussions/lectures/review sessions were always so helpful and she was always very approachable."

"They were very helpful! I loved Maya’s lectures."

"Maya provided a ton of help this semester and went above and beyond to make sure that we were prepared."

"Maya was very helpful in discussion. She was super helpful and always super easy to reach out to her."

"Maya and Tony were always around if needed. Maya was a great discussion TA."

"Fantastic TA!!! Always there to answer my questions and provide help. Thanks for being so accommodating overall."

"Maya did really well teaching when Marc was overseas. She was very helpful and knowledgeable about course topics."

"Maya thank you! I “heart” you. You helped so much."

"Overall very helpful and willing to answer questions and provide feedback. Maya is excellent and makes herself  useful for office hours and accessible."

"TAs (Maya especially) were very helpful during office hours for assignments. I appreciated their availability and thought they knew the class well."

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